The first speed 20 zone in herzogenaurach

The first speed 20 zone in herzogenaurach

It was one of the roughest deep tree removals in the city center so far. For almost 20 months, an entire train was affected by it. The pure construction costs amounted to two million euros. No doubt the relief at the end of construction work on thursday morning was palpable. A few residents also watched the symbolic ribbon cutting and shared the statement of mayor german hacker (SPD) that they had been "longing for this moment" for a long time."

For the reopening of the wurzburger strabe, the people from politics and the business world involved in the project met at the mouth of the back alley. Where the newly laid pavement of west hauptstrabe ends, and with it the newly created speed 20 zone. This is the first area in the city with this speed restriction. According to mayor hacker, this is not an arbitrary cure, but a necessity. Because the pavement demands that. "If you drive too fast, you create an alarm. And poverty is a problem for the residents", said the mayor. Further out of town, as far as welkenbacher kirchweg, the speed limit will be 30 km/h.

Hacker also pointed out that all road users had to come to terms with the newly paved area of the western main road. No sidewalks have been built, the verges are only visually separated by gutters. The middle lane itself is too narrow to give room to two cars in passing traffic. Slow driving is thus imperative. Hacker also said how it works: "second gear, and let it roll." The head of the city also made it clear that parked vehicles now had no place in the street and asked for consideration: "every parked car is a safety risk."
Immediately after the opening, the viewer was still confronted with confusion. Cars were parked at the edge of the road, probably out of habit, and it became narrow between them. Resident anni fischer, who talked to passerby anni wahl, was skeptical about it. The two sides still had to get used to each other.

And also, looking out the window of the FT's editorial office at the beginning of the "new" the road, it was evident throughout the day that many people were still driving too fast. Drivers have to get used to the speed limit of 20 km/h.

Anni fischer, who had the construction site in front of her window for many months, shares the praise for the construction workers that the mayor had previously expressed. "The builders are doing a really good job", he had often heard. As a thank you, hacker presented the construction manager of the raab company, wilhelm kleinlein, with a cloth bag full of honey glaziers. However, the resident also thinks that in front of her house still had to be improved: "there the water remains standing."

In the last two years, the trench between steggasse and hans-maier-strabe has been a rough construction site. 2012 saw the launch of the hauptstrabe, followed this year by the wurzburger strabe. A new sewer and other supply lines were laid, and the road was renewed. A total of 3,000 cubic meters of frost protection, 3,400 square meters of concrete paving and 2,200 tons of asphalt mix were used, as calculated by gerhard merkel, head of the construction department. In addition, there were 1415 meters of sewer pipes up to 1.20 meters in diameter.