“The bkv stands for values such as peace, freedom, tradition, tradition and culture”

"Who, if not we, shall remember the dead and fallen? Who, if not us, should stand at the war memorial?" These thoughtful and admonishing words were part of a speech by hans schiener, president of the bavarian comrades and soldiers association (BKV). He had expressed it at the general meeting of the kronach district association in the hesselbach community center.
Schiener also reminded the audience of the reasons for which the association was once founded: "we are not war glorifiers! We are there to stand by the bereaved and support them." And so the BKV stands up for values such as peace, freedom, tradition, customs and culture. But he, too, is struggling with recruitment problems and now wants to strike out in new directions. Among other things, the push sport competitions are intended to generate potential members. District and district rifle warden udo leikheim also immediately reminded of the next weapons expertise course with subsequent examination in april of this year in posseck. "Comrades, you know: no sliding ladder, no insurance protection."

"Take the initiative"

Another good approach to get a grip on the worries about new blood was provided by district organization manager michael ries, who already saw a "silver lining on the horizon" we have to take the initiative, present ourselves and show the flag"." His resume loved smiling, but hit exactly the core: "a soldier pilgrimage without soldiers would be really blod."
District chairman gottfried betz found not only words of praise for his local associations, but above all appreciated their good youth and public relations work. He also honored his deputy gunther blumenrother for 25 years of cooperation. Deputy mayor gerhard eidelloth reminded the audience of the work of the comradeship association for the war graves and on the day of mourning. The attendees could smile about the digits before the decimal point in hans schmidt's cash report, when he mentioned interest rates. He did not certify any reichtumer, but a good and solid financial basis.

"County in the duty"

The speech by mdl jurgen baumgartner also brought new momentum to the meeting. His slogans of perseverance awakened the fighting spirit and strengthened the members. He pleaded for the return of an active duty association in upper franconia and spoke out for a general duty obligation. And the politician also saw the entire district in the obligation, even spoke of an "epochal challenge" and from a "valley of trances, that must be overcome.
"It always pays to persevere. If more than two comrades come to an event, that is already a small victory. And do not forget: you are reminders for peace.""It is always better to light a candle than to complain about the constant darkness." With this slightly modified quote from confucius, district administrator klaus loffler underscored the general mood of optimism at the end of his speech.