Marktrodach raises the swimming pool price

Marktrodach raises the swimming pool price

The open-air swimming pool in marktrodach is enriched by another attraction. Last weekend, the new wide-wave slide was officially inaugurated.

Pastor andreas krauter spoke of "being fast" at the blessing of the slide. Whether young or old, everyone also liked to "be fast" on the water slide, he said. The bible also speaks of "being fast" the speech. There it goes however around hearing: "each humans is fast to hear", it says. Attention and good communication are also required in the recreational area. He appealed to the bathers for mutual respect and communication. With god’s blessing, may the recreational facility continue to operate accident-free, said the pastor.

Investing in safety

A visibly pleased mayor norbert grabner was on the slides immediately after his opening remarks. As he said, the new acquisition adds another piece of value to the open-air swimming pool. With the wide wave slide, which was sponsored by the beach club, they also made some improvements on the part of the community. A pump was installed to circulate the water and keep running costs low. The mayor also said that investments had been made in safety and that a number of changes had been made to make the pool even safer for visitors.

In addition, the municipal council has already spoken out at the beginning of the year for a new cashier system. This has now also been put into operation in time for the start of the bathing season.

Swimming course was a success

The mayor was particularly proud of the children in his community. "We offered a swimming course last year, which was very well received. With us, every child can swim, he declared in a happy mood.

Thomas schneider from the beach club said that they have been thinking about the slide for four years and have been saving for it ever since. Now the 40 000 euro wide wave slide could be purchased. It was erected and adapted by the club itself. The tuv had accepted the equipment, so that one can calmly take the bathing guests on the, as he said, "multi-generation slide" can let.

The financial resources were largely generated by raffles at events. About one-fifth of the costs were financed by donations from local companies, said schneider.

His special thanks, along with many helpers and donors, went to andreas hellgeth, who was responsible for the breitwellenrutsche project. With it the still quite young beach club after beach volleyball field, sun umbrellas, matschecke for the children a far sahnehaubchen in the outdoor swimming pool has set. The goal of the association is to maintain the baths and increase their attractiveness, said thomas schneider.