Kulmbach district court: has “victim” only pretended everything?

kulmbach district court: has 'victim' only pretended everything?

Cases of domestic violence are always particularly sensitive in court. Especially when it is testimony against testimony. Against this background, the district court of kulmbach has now also suspended a particularly controversial case indefinitely so that further investigations can be carried out and further witnesses questioned.

According to the indictment, a 23-year-old man from the district of hof is alleged to have brutally attacked his girlfriend in three cases. On one occasion, he allegedly pushed her against a wall, causing a laceration to her head.

Bruises and lacerations

In another case, he allegedly hit her in the face with his hand and, in the third count, grabbed her and pushed her into a ditch. The woman suffered bruises and lacerations, the indictment said. In a fourth count, the defendant was accused of repeatedly attacking and insulting his girlfriend on social networks. Expressions such as slut or whore were still the most harmless ones.

But right at the beginning of the trial it turned out that everything could also be quite different. "Here sits the wrong one on the dock", said defense attorney alexander schmidtgall from kulmbach, germany. His client is falsely portrayed as the culprit. But there were witnesses and, above all, lots of chat histories that clearly proved his client’s innocence.

Psychological problems

The background, according to the lawyer, is that the young woman suffers from massive psychological problems and has therefore already been in inpatient treatment. In addition, she also had a drug problem and was considered a crystal user. The young woman had inflicted the above-mentioned injuries on herself due to her illness. His client had long since ended the relationship, not least because of these massive problems.

The defendant admitted to the insults by text message. After the woman had bragged on social media with photos that showed her with other men, he had run away with the gaul and let himself be driven to the insults.

"Wild and uninhibited

The defendant reported hair-raising experiences with his ex-girlfriend. On one occasion, she had ripped open the door on the highway while driving at full speed and thrown things out of the car.

Another time she had her head so "wild and unrestrained" pushed against a wall until she almost fainted, another time she actually stabbed herself twice with a knife in the chest.

As a result, the young woman was admitted to a district hospital for psychological treatment.

A similar thing had also happened with the accused. After an argument, the woman fell so violently in the bathroom that she suffered a laceration and even lost consciousness for a short time. He had as little to do with it as with the slap in the face or the push into the ditch.

The one or other slap admitted

The defendant did not want to exclude one or the other slap in the face. "I wanted her to come to her senses when she was not under control again." At some point, however, he realized that the whole thing made no sense. "If I were to write down every single argument, I could fill a whole book with them", he said.

Defense attorney schmidtgall did not fail to mention that there had already been a trial in which the woman had falsely accused another man according to the same pattern. For him, it was clear that the incidents had not taken place in this way.

"Smokescreen tactics

Lawyer hilmar lampert from bayreuth, who represented the woman appearing as a joint plaintiff, accused the defendant of "excuses and obfuscation tactics" before. The defendant still does not leave the woman alone and tries, for example, to find out information about her through her employer.

The court now wants to find out what is really true at a new hearing. Until then, among other things, further chat histories are to be evaluated, further persons from the environment of the accused and the alleged victim are to be questioned and further police investigations are to be carried out.