Important traffic lights in bamberg remain out for the time being

important traffic lights in bamberg remain out for the time being

No, it is not a virus that has infected the bamberg traffic lights. While the city's public utilities engineers and siemens technicians continue to puzzle over why the traffic lights at luitpoldeck have one or more interruptions almost every day, it is clear why the lights at the zollnerstrabe/brennerstrabe intersection have not been working since whitsunday: the control unit has fallen victim to vandals.

Unknown persons knocked over the gray box containing it a few days ago. For a while the device is said to have worked, then on the weekend it gave up its ghost. Since then, the traffic lights are in operation.

An insurance claim?
The "blackout will also last for a while. Claus reinhardt, press spokesman for the construction department, has no doubt about this. He justifies it with the complexity of the issue.

The control device – like most of the 107 traffic lights in the city – is about 30 years old. Repairs would be uneconomical, even if spare parts could be obtained.

A new machine costs around 30,000 euros. According to reinhardt, the city does not have a budget item for such extraordinary expenses; there is only a small budget for maintenance.

That's why the first thing an expert is supposed to do now is to clarify whether an insurance case exists. And if so, how much insurance will cover the purchase of the new control unit?. Reinhardt: "ideally, we'll get it for 100 percent
percent replaced!"

It is unlikely that the people who knocked over the control box and caused the damage will be identified. If this was successful, they had to bear the costs.

Conclusion from the construction department: even if the expert works as quickly as requested, it will still take at least one or two weeks until the traffic lights at the intersection east of the zollner underpass are back in operation.

Especially as the manufacturers of control devices were not able to supply them overnight. So for the time being, road users will have to make do with the help of the signs alone.

Police regulate only exceptionally

the police find themselves unable to step in in cases such as these. "It is impossible for us to stand somewhere all day long", emphasizes gerald storath, the press speaker of the inspection bamberg city. Manual traffic control is only conceivable in the event of short-term failures.

Like at the end of last week, when the traffic lights at the munchner ring/rotensteinstrabe intersection failed after lightning damage on wednesday evening. Police officers then temporarily regulated school traffic on the last two school days before the whitsun vacations.

The day before yesterday, the state construction office (responsible for federal roads) installed the new control device. As department head michael raab explained on request, the programming by the manufacturer took several days.

From the police's point of view, the traffic light at the zollnerstrabe/brennerstrabe intersection is important "also in terms of school safety". When the vacations end in a week, critical situations could arise there without traffic lights, storath warns.