Hsc coburg returns to the handball bundesliga

Hsc coburg returns to the handball Bundesliga

"The prasidium of the HBL has decided to play in the 2. Bundesliga to take the current standings as a yardstick for promotion – here, the HSC 2000 coburg is champion and thus moves up to the bundesliga.", announced the HSC on tuesday afternoon on his homepage. Beforehand, the first and second division teams met via video link to decide whether to cancel or continue the season.

The clear majority voted for an immediate abortion. While in the 2. If the current standings after 24 games are taken as the yardstick, a clear majority of the votes cast in the 1st league will be in favor of a new standings. League, the quota system determines the championship. THW kiel could not be knocked out of first place and won the title for the first time since 2015. There are no relegations from the two leagues except for HSG krefeld, which did not receive a license.

League president uwe schwenker said about the cancellation: "of course we would have loved to have played our season to the end. We have done everything we can, but the corona pandemic simply does not allow this at the moment. Re-entry at a later point in time is no longer feasible, as the window of opportunity that we have until the 30th day of the election is too short. June was too small to give the players even the slightest chance to prepare for the tough competition in training sessions. The risk of injury was too great. Therefore, the cancellation of the season is very bitter, but there is no alternative."