Fresh ahead into the past

Fresh ahead into the past

Eckehard kiesewetter ebern is moving with the times, but on the other hand is proud of its rich past. A medieval market fits perfectly into the concept. Retro events of this kind are in vogue, the historic town provides a great backdrop, and medieval fairs are always interesting for tourists. More than the old town festival, at any rate, says helen zwinkmann. As a tourism professional, you need to know.

It was she who brought the medieval festival to the small town when she took office seven years ago. In the meantime, the market festival has been held six times and admittedly has already gathered a little dust. This was reflected in declining visitor numbers.

With a new structure

But the seventh year should not be the "darned" one, but will be the best yet. A number of new ideas, a change of scene and attractions familiar from other medieval markets speak for this. "We have completely changed the structure, bundled food, drink and the program around the gray tower, and designed the flyer in a completely different way", explains helen zwinkmann.

Marketing strategist karin fenn is responsible for many of the new impulses. The craftswoman from welkendorf is a self-confessed medieval fan: "allzeyt zu jedem spab bereyt, so verbring’ ich meyne und eure zeit" (allzeyt to every spab bereyt, that’s how i spend my time and yours), she reveals on her homepage. She herself was present at the medieval festival in ebern with her range of stocked goods and willow products and, on top of that, offered amusements for children. As "karin, the rumbling witch" for years she visited such markets in the whole republic. She female, what the ebern medieval festival was missing so far, and love to play her relations. The result was a new concept that, according to zwinkmann, is clearly different from previous years, with new contacts, new players and new impulses. The posters in four different variations and the new facebook presence, which by yesterday had already attracted more than 2,700 interested parties, give a hint of this.

Griffins and owls as an attraction

This is how the tourist power announces for the spectacle on saturday, 15., and sunday, 16. June, a bird-of-prey air show and "real knight" combat demonstrations who travel from the far north especially for the event. A juggler will be playing his tricks, and the surgeon has also made himself known again. Whether he speculates womoglich on the recently lost fourth eberner house doctor seat?

In the past years the fire shows and the performances of the storytellers were already very popular. Experiences of the little owl family can be heard in the wolz’ngarten. The marchenzwerg is allowed to fly high for once, because the turmerstube in the grauturm is reserved for him, and mascarius escapes to marchenland in a tent.

This tent, in turn, stands in the anlagenring. There the camp life shifts, for which several historical groups have announced themselves. Their previous territory in the wolz’ngarten, i.E. In the shadow of the gray tower, is reserved this time for the raptors and owls.

Food and drink kept body and soul together even in the middle ages, and this can still be used today to encourage the people of ebern and their guests to stay longer. So the bar and dining area will be extended from the gray tower of marktauarts up to braugasse – an antique old town festival, with specialties that filled the bellies of the old knights and their contemporaries.

Minstrels and "music-making will perform at the grauturm and parade through the alleys in a stylishly doodling manner. Children and adults can look forward to a hands-on program in which courage is just as important as skill and fun. The knight’s alley becomes a game street, for example with mouse roulette and virgin wreath winding, and in the anlagenring medieval competitions such as axe throwing or bow pushing are announced.

In small steps

"The festival grows cautiously, says helen zwinkmann, who finds it "great how the offer is changing". She cleverly arouses curiosity and promises that this time the many small details will not be forgotten, for example stylish table decorations, the hiding of modern accents in the old town area or the promise that the stands will actually remain open until the end of the market. Zwinkmann: "i am especially happy because i now realize that the medieval festival is supported".