80.000 Euros for the wartmannsroth fire station

80.000 euros for the wartmannsroth fire station

Planning and cost estimation are now to be carried out by an architect. So far there are only rough drawings. Above all, the sanitary facilities are to be modernized. The men's restroom has been quite crowded during rough events, and the facilities are also ripe for the museum.

The same applies to the women's restroom, where queues often form in front of the door. In addition, handicapped people do not have their own toilets. A storage room for tables and chairs is also being considered.

Renovation of the fire station is not enough, it has to be extended. A new wing is planned, high above the current toilet facility, at a right angle to the ground in the direction of the festival square. "I talked to the fire department", reported mayor jurgen karle (G). She had promised him his own services. He also expects to be involved in the project for about 10 years.000 euro at club level. The boys' club had also expressed interest.

Criticism by brigitte haas
Brigitte haas (G) sees the council's approach to the renovation upside down. "I remember earlier meetings when the firefighters association was supposed to be the builder and the municipality was holding back financially", she criticized. Haas recalled the renovation of the fire station in windheim, where she recognized similar approaches by the municipality.

Astrid mutzel (G) accepted only the most necessary items on the acceptance list for wartmannsroth: "a barbecue station is not absolutely necessary." For local representative thomas kleinhenz (G), it is not a question of whether the project should get underway at all: "the need for renovation has been there for a long time." Spontaneous support received from christian kohlhepp (G) and 2. Burgermeister edgar lutz (G).

"Why should things be different this time from previous renovations at the fire station??", kleinhenz recalled the ceiling, floor and kitchen in the firehouse.