Weil elected next president of the federal council

Weil elected next president of the federal council

Weil follows his baden-wurttemberg colleague winfried kretschmann (grune). Whose term of office ends in rotation on 31. October.

According to kretschmann, federalism has been preserved in germany. This was demonstrated not least by the flood disaster in june. In his farewell speech at the state chamber, he said that the chamber had "created the legal basis for financial aid to reach the victims quickly. It has become clear that "in a crisis, the federal government and the states can act together quickly, unbureaucratically and decisively.

Kretschmann was critical of the fact that in the final phase of the last legislative period, the bundestag "did not pass or even consider" a number of bundesrat bills, some of which had been passed unanimously. He feels that this is "an unfortunate circumstance". He appealed to the bundestag to "reconsider this practice".

Among the positive results of his term of office as president of the bundesrat, which is coming to an end, kretschmann cited the compromise reached "in a rough national consensus" in the search for a final storage site for nuclear waste. "This is something we can be proud of."The presidency of the federal council changes by rotation every twelve months on 1. November of a year. Kretschmann and hessian prime minister volker bouffier (CDU) elected as vice presidents.

At the beginning of the session, the state chamber commemorated the late CDU politician walter wallmann. As head of the hessian government, he was a member of the bundesrat from 1987 to 1991, also as its president.