Tense anticipation ahead of care allowance vote

Tense anticipation ahead of care allowance vote

After years of tug-of-war over the benefit for parents who want to raise their young children at home, the heads of the parliamentary groups are counting on a broad majority from the union and the fdp. Last doubts about a defeat in the vote had not been dispelled, however, coalition circles in berlin announced on thursday.

Following a procedure in the union faction, all dissenters announced their critical stance to the faction leadership by 4 p.M. On the day before such a legislative decision. According to reports, by thursday afternoon, about five deputies had announced that they would not vote for the bill. NINE UNION PARLIAMENTARIES CANCELLED FOR SICKNESS REASONS.

Two dissenters are expected from the FDP, including the minister of state in the foreign office, cornelia pieper (FDP). A simple majority of the deputies present is enough to get the law passed. Union and FDP together have 330 of the 620 seats. SPD, grune and left want to vote against it. The coalition assumes that not all members of the opposition will be present either.

Pieper does not want to resign despite criticism of her no vote on childcare allowance. There have been demands from the coalition that a member of the government must be loyal to government decisions. "I see no reason to resign," pieper told the "mitteldeutsche zeitung" (thursday). "Because my commitment to better early childhood education has nothing to do with the subject i am in charge of as minister of state."

SPD faction leader frank-walter steinmeier said that the coalition had reached a minimal compromise with the childcare allowance on a ladenhuter. The support money had already been announced under black-red for 2013. But the SPD wants to abolish it again if it comes to power in 2013.

Wolfgang stadler, chairman of the german workers’ welfare association (AWO), said: "the state must not interfere in the decision as to whether a child is cared for at home or in a daycare center by offering money for not accepting a public service." And: "the public administration should check monthly whether the child is actually being cared for at home? Thus we create a burocracy monster."

Green politician kai gehring declared: "black-yellow rewards financially keeping children out of public educational institutions, negligently calls into question the legal right to childcare, and acts in a constitutionally questionable manner."