Successful “witching hour” in the afternoon


Ghost stories have always held a fascination for us. When ominous shadows flit by in old crooked walls and unexplainable things happen, the thought creeps into our minds that there might be some truth to it after all. In keeping with halloween, children's author judith allert gave a literary "witching hour" at a reading that had been brought forward to the afternoon with samples from your "paula and lou" book series.
The 31-year-old author from puchitz is no longer an unknown quantity on the children's book scene, and many a child now associates her name with exciting and funny stories. During her reading, the author built a warm emotional bridge with the boys and girls who had made themselves comfortable on chairs and cushions in front of her.
"Here you can see our two new pets, the wool pigs krumel and fussel", said allert and laughing, held up a color photo he had brought with him. That krumel and fussel in the house of allert "sauggut you can assume that the animal-loving author of children's books, whose family already has two dogs to add to the excitement, is right.
Then, to the delight of the children, it became wonderfully spooky in broad daylight. Paula, one of the most important characters in the "paula and lou" book series, is a ghost fan through and through. The children listened with fascination – even those who had never seen "paula and lou" before-bucher, when allert excerpts from "swirl in the sternstrabe" "tiger, star and a crocodile man" read aloud. There are dark shapes, old walls and wallpaper in the "rotten cucumber ground"-hue the talk. The goosebumps feeling is at its peak when the tape recorder next to the ghost trap set up by paula in an ancient house actually records mysterious noises – presumably the voices of ghosts.

There is also humanity
But it's not only scary in allert's stories, it's also human: the young readers learned that paula and lou are not at all alike at first, because their characters are as far apart as the earth and the moon. While chaotic paula loves ghost stories, lou thinks ghosts are stupid and prefers to make himself pretty in front of the mirror.
However, a burst water pipe in lou's family's apartment forces them to get along with each other in the shared apartment that this makes necessary. And over time they realize what they have in each other.
"But that's all I want to tell you today. Whether the noises on the tape recorder really come from a ghost and what else paula and lou experience, you will find out in my books", she told the young listeners at the end of the almost hour-long reading, during which she also showed drawings by joelle tourlonias, with which the "paula and lou" books were created-illustrated with a ribbon.
After the reading, the young readers were able to take away paula-und-lou lesson plans and paula-und-lou bookmarks signed by the author. The subsequent half-hour painting activity also met with a positive response. With enthusiasm, the boys and girls used colored pencils to give color to the drawings based on the book illustrations by joelle tourlonias.
The "paula and lou-stories by judith allert can be borrowed from the city library and also purchased in bookstores. So far, four volumes have been published in the series, and two more will be added in january, according to allert.