Roblacher wehr builds on geratehaus

Roblacher wehr builds on geratehaus

The shell is in place, the water and power lines have been laid, the windows have been installed – the extension to the roblach fire station is progressing well. This is thanks to the efforts of around 15 helpers who have been working regularly since april – except for a summer break – in the evenings after work and on weekends. The extension includes a men's and a women's restroom in the lower area. The resulting space can be used for meetings, training sessions and conferences or as a storage room.

"We have not set a deadline for when we want to be finished. I expect that we will be able to celebrate the inauguration in 2015. But it does not depend on a few weeks or months more or less. The important thing is that we have started and that we are moving forward. After all, we had to wait long enough for it", says the commander of the roblach fire department, werner kraus.

And indeed: the annex was a concern for which those responsible had been campaigning for many years. This was also demanded by the district fire inspectorate.

"Wcs for women and men are standard in all modern houses. We have fought for several years for our own toilet facility", according to chairman oswald letsch, who praised the hard work of the volunteers.

"Canal on wheels
About one third of the work has been completed, two thirds are still to be done – such as further interior work, in particular the installation of sanitary facilities, the plastering of walls, ceilings and walls, as well as paving work and the laying of curbstones in the area around the house. The work to be done includes the installation of a drainless pit because there is no sewer connection. A drainless pit is a collection pit in which all dirty water is collected and must be removed with the help of a suction truck. This is also referred to as a "channel on wheels". Since all wastewater must be removed, the operation of a drainless pit is very time-consuming and expensive.

According to the draft, the net cost of the fire station extension is about 60 000 euro. The cost of all the material, but not including the furniture, machinery, equipment and tools, comes to 30,000 euros. "For us, it was always a matter of course to participate in the project with a high level of personal contribution. A toilet facility is more urgent than ever, especially since young women have fortunately joined the fire department and there are also girls in the youth fire department", informs the commander. They have had to ring the doorbells of neighboring houses at meetings and gatherings to ask if they could use the restroom.

Understanding of the issue
Wilhelmsthal's mayor wolfgang fortsch (CSU) had shown rough understanding for the request of the roblach fire brigade. "You can't invoke the future and at the same time deny young people the opportunity to participate in community life. The fire department is not only a safety institution, but also an important "cultural carrier", he said. He inspected the building together with second mayor werner gareis (CSU), who is the contact person for the fire department and the municipality, to see how the construction work is progressing. Both were impressed by the motivation and high level of commitment of the roblach fire department.

The volunteers want to continue working this year as long as the weather permits. Next year, they want to get to work again.