Pfaffenhausen celebrates its 1111th anniversary

Pfaffenhausen celebrates its 1111th anniversary

Mechanical engineering student christian schneider stands proudly in front of the gray steel construction. It dates from 1936 and looks like a small bulldog – if it wasn’t for the rough storage surface and the sage leaf. "This is a mobile bandsage", he says. Together with his father walter, he has painstakingly made it workable again over the past three years. "We wanted to make it the way it used to be." This was not always easy, many original parts are nowhere to be bought anymore. "We had to improvise a lot, especially with the engine, and have individual parts re-turned."

Visitors to the pfaffenhausen homecoming festival were able to marvel at the final result. On the occasion of the 1111th anniversary, the town was transformed into a rough exhibition for the whole weekend, which told dozens of stories: there were, for example, klaus kippes, michael stoth and dominik schaupp from the museum and agricultural machinery friends of fuchsstadt, who showed hourly threshing demonstrations under the bright blue sky: tying grain into sheaves, throwing them from the sheaf wagon onto the threshing machine, and putting them in. Seconds later, cleanly threshed grain came out of the front and unpressed straw out of the back of the machine – a beautiful wooden construction from the 50s.

One could report about the medieval camp, with the good-humored blacksmith denny danewitz and his friend eduard mews, who took a bath in the saale river to cool off. One could write about little emma from neuwirtshaus, who hammered a friendship ring out of a glowing iron rod at a child’s forge. Or about stefan and christel hofbauer, the "fischkasper" farm and garden hauses – the old name of the village – has turned into a green, bleeding paradise.

It doesn’t matter who you talk to about the festival: the visitors as well as the people of pfaffenhaus enjoyed it, despite the scorching heat. "The atmosphere is absolutely great, finds, for example, fire department chairman detlef heim. Especially the organizing team received a lot of praise, because of the short time they had for the planning. The organizers are satisfied. "We expected 7000 to 8000 visitors in advance", says local representative karl-heinz gluck (CSU). The numbers were probably reached, on saturday alone gluck estimated the attendance at 4000.

The festeroffnung on saturday was connected with the cultural series saalemusicum. The guests arrived on the banks of the saale early on saturday afternoon, a little bit hesitant at first. "Music and the saale have always belonged to our village pfaffenhausen", says local representative gluck. Pfaffenhausen was first mentioned in a document as an echternach property in 902. "I have never experienced an 1111-year anniversary", said district administrator thomas bold (CSU). He paid tribute to the hard work of the residents, who presented themselves with about 30 stations.