On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the “lutzi” festival: “donots” bassist on french beer, lotzinn and rock star cliches

on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the

In 2016 they last performed at the "lutzi in rottershausen – and for the tenth anniversary of "off goes the lutzi!" (13. Until 15 june 2019) they come back: the "donots". The punk rockers from ibbenburen have since released a new album and are celebrating their 25th anniversary as a band. In the interview, bassist jan-dirk poggemann talks about why he associates rottershausen with lotzinn and why he doesn't think much of the rock star cliche.

You last performed at the "lutzi" in 2016 in rottershausen – do you remember that performance as a band??

Jan-dirk poggemann: yes of course, definitely. I always make the vlogs – the video blogs – for our band. What I remember is the clubhouse with the old pictures of the football teams from the 80s. It was a very pleasant afternoon. At that time we still had a keyboarder with us. His instrument broke at the previous show. Then he fixed it in the bus and had to get some solder for it. We left the stage after the show and said to ourselves "we'll be back".

Has the band planned a longer stay? At least there is good beer at the kloster kreuzberg, or are you just playing your gig??

It doesn't work because we play the day before. That's a pity, once because of the beer (laughs) and then again because of the people at the festival. We like to have contact with the fans. We arrive on saturday morning, are at least at the festival the whole day, play our gig and then have to leave again at night.

The "lutzi is relatively familiar – do you prefer big or small festivals??

For being there as a band smaller ones are generally more pleasant. Most of the time you quickly found the person in charge and short ways to the contact persons. Besides, it is relatively easy to see bands there. At the bigger rock festivals like rock am ring you can get sore from time to time. However, the band selection there is coarser. Makes it harder to watch a band in peace and quiet. Ideal are therefore the middle class festivals like the "lutzi. It's got a nice rough feel to it, it's familiar and totally fun to play there.

What is your favorite festival memory??

When we "rock am ring have opened on the new land. First everything was empty, then the promoter opened the place up. It was like "game of thrones" or "lord of the rings": the people streamed in en masse. A little later the place was full with 60 000 to 70 000 people. That was the total demolition. Our first song we played with three drummers. Beside our drummer there was bela b. From the "doctors and flo from "sportfreunde stiller here.

It sounds crazy! On the "lutzi was there also a tent site concert at your last gig – are you planning to do that again??

We always do it spontaneously. We always think of some nonsense (laughs). Nothing is really set in stone, we'll just go with what's going on at the time.

Being close to the fans is important to you – how does that fit in with the stereotype of an aloof rock star??

I think that we have never lived up to the stereotype. Others can play that role. For us it's about going on stage and having a good time with the people. Thank god for all of us. We would never get the idea to stay in the hotel until shortly before the gig, play quickly and then leave again. We want to know what makes the promoter tick, what people are there, what bands are there. Of course you will be lyricized from time to time. But actually it's a lot of fun. I think it's good because we get to hear unfiltered opinions. The current performances are under the motto of the 25th anniversary of the band. We want to please the old, as well as the young fans at the gigs. Our setlist will be a time travel through the band history.

You have just mentioned your 25th anniversary. During this time several of your albums have been on the charts. That shows: "punk's not dead". What is still to come from you?

Yes (laughs), that's a good question. We have now the hall concerts for the 25-year existence behind us. For a band like us it was a dream to play in the sold out columbiahalle in berlin. After that we went on a band vacation together. Now we are preparing for the summer. After the festival season we are resting for now. Then let's see if we keep the ball flat and lick the wounds. It was great so far, but really exhausting.

That sounds like sweaty work. What is your hort tip for the cold shower??

Whoa, wait a minute. I'll take a quick look at what I've heard lately. I'm really bad at this kind of thing (laughs). What I heard in the shower was the album "four" by the band "bronx" by the band "bronx. But they are also really good live (laughs). The band rubs its butt on their performances. And their energy wakes you up, pushes you out of the heat lethargy, so to speak. Otherwise I recommend the "leonids", these are good friends of ours who make very cool music.

You make punk rock. Do we still need the rebelliousness of the punks in today's music and society??

Yes, more than ever. While keeping in mind that the goal is not to be simply "anti", we are not a political band to be. It is important to be critical and to think. When we were socialized with punk, there was already this "being against everything". We got rough with the US punk from california. We asked the bands back then if we could play in front of them, the reaction was mostly "yeah, sure"!". The community was the main focus. We are not a political band, but here and there we touched on a few topics between songs. People should have a good time and think about what they said on the way home.

You just mentioned the stage experience. In your career you have already been on the road with some rough numbers of punk rock. Below C.J. Ramone from the ramones, flogging molly, anti-flag and co. Who would you like to go on tour with??

We have really fulfilled a lot of our dreams already. At some point we said to ourselves, if we perform with bad religion, then we can split (laughs). That came relatively fast. In the meantime we are even friends with our idols. I really don't know who I would have liked to perform with. I knew the foo fighters but actually everything is good the way it is. What happens, happens – what doesn't happen, doesn't happen. I am happy about the way it is now.