New edition of the hymnal causes dissonance in wachenroth

New edition of the hymnal causes dissonance in wachenroth

"Why do we need a new book? We don't even know all the songs from the old hymnal", said hilde prols. At the "open singing, a practice lesson for the songs from the new "gotteslob, several participants shared the same opinion.

In the church of saint gertrude, erich staab, regional cantor for the deaneries of erlangen and hochstadt, presented the new hymnal, which is to be introduced into the catholic parishes in the next few months.
Because the new gotteslob is not yet on the market, the regional cantor had laid out a song sheet. Much to the surprise of all those present, the songs sung and played by staab were immediately very well received. It should not be difficult to rehearse the new songs. Even if certain reservations could not be ignored and many believers mourn the old praise of god.

Five months delivery time
Petra wichert, wachenroth's church caretaker, was happy to help with this first "practice session gladly held the new gotteslob in her hands. "I went straight to the internet and searched all the major publishers", revealed to the FT. But they did not get any. The new prayer and song book has a delivery time of about five months and the parish has ordered 60 of them.

Like hilde prols, petra wichert says: "i didn't need a new hymnal" as church administrator, she also has an eye on the finances: not only the acquisition costs – the new gotteslob is also coarser than the old one and therefore doesn't fit into the church's existing shelves. New trays had to be purchased.

Peter arnold, wachenroth's organist, musician and conductor, is very relaxed about the new gotteslob. "You will get used to it", he says. He has already taken a look at the wurzburg diocesan edition. Arnold also played "several songs from the new gotteslob" together with a dozen organists last week in hochstadt and sung through".

Old songs returned
The new book is clearer than the old one, says arnold. There is black, gray and red writing. In addition, some of the music has been moved from the general part to the bishopric part and vice versa. In addition to new spiritual songs, there are also old songs that have "returned".

To the organist's regret, there is not yet a corresponding edition for the organ. But he does need something that will surely surprise many people: "the moon has risen", a song that some people know from their school days is in the new praise book.

"Hardly anyone will cry", therefore the regional cantor. Fifty percent of the songs are taken from the old praise book. In the new one there were many taize songs "songs that move the whole body", children's songs and also songs from the evangelical tradition.