Neustadt bei coburg: woman calls for help – her boyfriend injures two police officers

Neustadt bei coburg: woman calls for help - her boyfriend injures two police officers

On late saturday evening at about 23:30, several residents were notified by telephone of a woman who was loudly calling for help in the brettschneider plant in neustadt. A 23-year-old man from neustadt was found by a patrol unit, who was about to attack his 22-year-old girlfriend.

Despite the police officers who were now present, the man continued to try to attack his girlfriend, which is why he had to be detained at first. The man then went berserk and started hitting a female officer in the face with his elbow. In the further consequence the man resisted with all strength against the further mabnahmen and had to be brought to the ground and tied up.

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In the process, he continued to try to beat the officers and insulted them with various strong language. In the meantime, the mother as well as other acquaintances of the young man joined the jury. Instead of acting however calming on this, the persons now pressed the assigned officers and began to shout loudly around. The situation could only be calmed down by calling in further emergency services.

The man, who was drunk with almost 2 per mille, was finally brought to a cell of the police in neustadt to be smoked out. A 36-year-old male officer and a 23-year-old female officer were injured during the operation. Both had to be treated at neustadt hospital. The young man from neustadt is now facing several criminal charges, including assault and resisting law enforcement officers.

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