Marco strube is running as the fdp’s candidate for county council

Marco strube is running as the fdp's candidate for county council

Marco strube faces two challenges in the coming weeks. 19-year-old hirschaider wants to prepare for his A-levels at the kaiser-heinrich-gymnasium in bamberg and at the same time contest the district council election campaign. The chances that he will be elected on 15. March actually elected and on 1. May then become head of a department with over 400 employees and a temporary civil servant, however, are few and far between. Strube, who is running for the FDP, is of course aware of this. But he says confidently: "nothing ventured, nothing gained." And: "i want to rise to the challenge and give young people a voice."

His chances of becoming a county councilor are somewhat better," says strube. On the list of the liberals, he is in second place – behind the only current FDP county councilor liebhard loffler. Whether as a district councilor or a county councilor, he wants to do "what the majority of my fellow citizens think is right. For right and "very important he thinks, for example, "a large protected area in the steigerwald". The schoolboy, who is also involved in "fridays for the future," is a great fan of the project sympathizes a rough contribution from the field of nature, environment and climate protection.

For a grammar school in the district

Not so important and even "not useful strube, on the other hand, sees a regional bus station (ROB) for the opnv as an example. He has in mind "small, decentrally organized burger buses" that come at a call and cost little money. The problem of an impending shortage of drivers could certainly be solved in the future by autonomous driving systems. The necessary infrastructure should be developed for this purpose. Radio potholes are "unacceptable" in view of autonomous driving. In the short term, however, civil servants could also step in, who are expected to do 1000 hours of voluntary work before they retire. An idea that certainly can’t be implemented with a county council resolution.

Strube sees this primarily in terms of the fact that young people in rural areas need a good range of mobility options. This would also require a 365-euro ticket with free travel for all those in education throughout the year in the entire VGN tariff area. He currently pays about 65 euros for his monthly school pass for the trip between his home in hirschaid and the school in bamberg. A grammar school in the district is, by the way, a declared goal for strube. Six grammar schools in bamberg and none in the district, that is "not justifiable.

Rough buses, however, should continue to operate on the main lines. Where to go with them in bamberg? Perhaps a ROB is needed after all. "I am open to being convinced", says strube – and not only on this topic. "I want to do politics for my fellow citizens, listen to what is being said to me." And the "burgerrufbuses he also "especially for older people" before.

Demographic change? One of the main issues for the district and the district council in the current election period. "In terms of local politics, I don’t see the problem as being so rough", says strube. Offers for young people in the countryside had to be preserved, then they would also stay there.

Professional politicians not a goal

As a young liberal (july), strube, who has been district chairman of the FDP’s junior organization since april 2019, must also occupy the topic of economics. The must be more broadly positioned in the automobile-heavy region of bamberg. For this, "the right incentives must be created" is one keyword. With the innovation and basic center, the digital basic center and the university, we are in a good position to do so. "Co-working spaces is a keyword for how strube envisions the economy of the future.

Otherwise, the 19-year-old, who says he has been increasingly interested in politics for the past four to five years, sees himself more as bound to liberal ideals and principles than to current party politics. However, he does not want to become a professional politician. First of all, he wants to study. "But i want to get involved politically. That’s why I’m running for office, explains strube. And what if he is unexpectedly elected as a district administrator?? Of course, he does not have the experience that others have, admits strube. But: "there’s nothing you can’t get to grips with". In the process, he became a "good supporter" build and "gain experience over time to do the job well".