Kollner before duel against series champion: fc bayern is “a machine” – club needs the perfect game

Kollner before duel against series champion: fc bayern is 'a machine' - club needs the perfect game

150 kilometers as the crow flies between the cities of nurnberg and munich. In the fubball industry, however, much more separates the bundesliga returnee and the record champion, says michael kollner. "Some say a league, others worlds, and still others galaxies", the nurnberg coach said on thursday about the differences between the two clubs. Actually, however, FC bayern is "almost galaxies away".

Broken down into numbers, the distinguishing features before the derby service trip on saturday (15.30 o’clock/sky) nuchterner. The munich team, which has by no means floated through the league this season, has 13 points more on its account, and niko kovac’s team is eleven places ahead of the club and more than 26 years, the nurnberger have not won in the state capital. "We are not just aubensiders, admitted kollner. "If you look at it realistically, we have no chance." But so be it!

"Many people also play the lottery, even though they know that their chance of hitting six is minimal", kollner said brashly. The coach of the club, which has been winless in seven league games, also knows that under normal circumstances a surprise in the allianz arena is hardly possible.

"We need a perfect game, we need to defend outstandingly defensively and we need an opponent who doesn’t bring his game to the pitch", said kollner before the 14. Matchday. Auberdem was "naturally gross match luck" NEEDED. He considers wall tactics to be completely misguided anyway. "We need to relieve the pressure, have possession of the ball. It’s more pleasant to play than to stand inside and chase the ball." Therefore, his marching order is: "we will not hide."

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FC bayern is "a machine" for kollner, which, however, is only slowly getting back up to speed and is still far from its best form. You could see that two weeks ago in the home match against dusseldorf. But that’s why we need to take a lesson from fortuna? No, not really. "This shows that there is a chance, but we don’t need lessons from dusseldorf", kollner stated confidently.

When bayern were still in crisis, the team from the rhine fought their way back from a 1:3 deficit to a draw thanks to three-pointer dodi lukebakio. Now the bayern are no longer the crisis bayern, but the maybe-soon-again-beaming bayern.

But kollner finds comfort in the history of the bundesliga. "The fubball always writes great and beautiful stories and we hope that we can write a beautiful story on saturday", he said. Unschon is for the auswartsschwachste team of the german elite class that his captain will be missing. Driver hanno behrens suffered an abdominal muscle strain in monday’s 1:1 draw against leverkusen and will miss his first game of the season.

"We will miss him sorely", said kollner. With him, however, every player is to be replaced. That the recently hardly considered patrick erras anfuhrer behrens next to ondrej petrak in midfield replaces, kollner holds for not particularly likely. Erras and petrak are too similar as players, the coach said. Nevertheless, erras did not let this derby dampen his spirits. "We worked hard last year to have them back", said erras. "We are looking forward to it."