Is there enough wine for the wine festival??

Is there enough wine for the wine festival??

Chairwoman cindy reitmeier and her deputy klaus richter were re-elected at the albertshofer winegrowers’ association. "I always have ideas in my head, but I don’t have the time to put them into practice," says cindy reitmeier, who is very busy at work. "But i don’t want to let the club down."She accepted the post – as did klaus richter – for another four years.

The cash management remains in the hands of carmen kolb; herbert rugamer is the treasurer and also the assessor gaby sattes continues her work. Petra hartmann is a new member of the committee. There was also a change in the position of secretary: doris ruhrig succeeded elfriede dill, who stepped down after twelve years in office.

Mayor horst reuther is glad that in the associations still people put themselves as with the wine-growing association at the top. "Nowadays, that is no longer a matter of course."The albertshofers can count on wine princess regina ehrlich for another year. She informed that in the 371 days of her term of office, she has completed 80 appointments in the court state of kitzingen and has had the opportunity to meet many people and celebrities, such as state minister markus soder.

Wine festival manager axel ehliger made it clear that nowadays the organizers were confronted with high demands from music bands. Ehliger is even more concerned about the question of which and how many bottles or bocksbeutel the wine festival company will be able to serve from which suppliers this year. The consequences of last year’s frost damage are now having an impact – and the organizers will probably only be able to decide at short notice which wines will be on the menu. Wine festival tastings are to be offered only in connection with a wine princess crowning, without crowning the response is too weak.

The chairwoman was pleased about the good attendance of the annual general meeting of 39 members. She estimated the number of members at 139, which was a small waiting trend due to several deaths. Cindy reitmeier honors loyal members for 25 years of service to the association. Franz schwab and heinz herbert should be honored and were excused. Helene lamparter was honored. The prasent and the flower robbery went well with the fact that helene lamparter left the board of directors.

The association organized twelve winegrowers’ regulars’ tables, the annual wine tasting and a young wine tasting. The high point of the year was again the wine festival, even if sales were slightly down. There were no objections to the reports of herbert rugamer, elfriede dill and the financial report of carmen kolb, which was also confirmed by the auditors michael sattes and lorenz hofmann.

At the request of gunther herrmann, the association makes a donation to the sanitation department. Gunther herrmann wanted to see an annual donation of 365 euro. But they decided to make a one-time donation of 500 euro.