Hannberg’s giant mab jug is down again

Hannberg's giant mab jug is down again

Tuesday morning. Only three days to go until the hannberger kirchweih. And the straw mab jug is once again lying outside the village entrance in hannberg.
The local boys in the hebdorf district got creative weeks ago, using straw bales, paint and foil to erect an oversized mab jug. On the straw in rough letters the date of the church fair is written. Apparently this conspicuous advertisement is a thorn in the eye of unknown people. Saturday morning the jug was destroyed for the first time. Now again.

"I just can’t understand it", top boy lukas willert disappointed again. But the 17-year-old didn’t want to let it spoil his good mood before the kirchweih, which starts on friday.

Despite all the anger, willert is not even considering filing a complaint with the police against an unknown person.

After all, the second incident probably provides the local boys and girls with enough material for self-penned church fair songs during the betznraustanz on sunday. This is the first time in almost ten years that this tradition has been upheld again. Start is scheduled for sunday at 16.30 be next to the festival hall baumuller.