Fubball field becomes “generation park

Fubball field becomes 'generation park

A “generation park” is to be created in the center of windheim before the end of the year will be created. The field has been used as a school sports facility for 45 years. Until the completion of the tsv sports complex in the early 1990s, fubball was played on part of the site.

As mayor thomas loffler explained, the pitch is currently in a poor condition. If you enter this flat area, you will notice two goals, basketball hoops and an overgrown running track. That should change, according to the mayor.

The school sports facility, which is getting on in years, is to be rebuilt. A meeting place for the general public and for all generations is to be created. Hence the name “generation park. To create conditions for the practice of sports such as basketball, badminton, beach volleyball, running, shot put, long jump.

In addition, benches and an open bookcase are planned. A barbecue area for the public is planned. Plantings at various locations are to invite the burghers to linger.

"It is about that", according to the mayor, to create in the village sports facilities and a place where citizens and guests can talk and exchange with each other." The children should have a place to let off steam and play. Naturally, the "generationen-park" will be can also be used by kindergarten as well as by athletes and schoolchildren. In addition, the "generationen-park" will will be made available for school sports.

The mayor considers the fact that there is a ski lift with a small ski hut right next to the land to be an advantage. In the cold season, when the snow conditions are good, tobogganing and skiing are possible.

Another plus is the fact that next to the "generation park the youth center with rooms and toilets is available.

As loffler further explained, the demolition of the used school sports facility and the reduction of the running tracks (four will become three) will reduce the amount of sealed surfaces. Last but not least, the "generation park" is to be also become a learning place. Projects with flower strips in cooperation with schools and kindergartens are planned.

River section will be renaturalized

In the course of the creation of the "generation park the approximately 25 meter long area of the river olschnitz, which runs through a canal in the southern part of the school sports facility, will be renaturalized and cleared. "The square gets more space and becomes more experienceable." The mayor is also grateful to the fruit and gardening association, which is helping to transform the school sports facility into a "generation park" contributes. Apart from the fact that the members are involved in this project in an advisory capacity, they want to maintain the site in cooperation with the village youth and under the leadership of the municipality.

In the creation of the "generation park" the municipality is investing 200,000 euros. 95,000 euro grant from the land(auf)schwung program. Time is running out: the grant must be called up in 2019, says loffler.

Despite the construction boom, the municipality of steinbach am wald has found a construction company, so that the construction can be completed on time.