Drunk man flips out: expensive kick to the shin

Drunk man flips out: expensive kick to the shin

The arrest of a 25-year-old went off the rails in kitzingen in december. Four policemen were needed to take the drunk to the police station and then to the district hospital. The man put up massive resistance and kicked a policeman in the shin in the process. Now in court he got the receipt: 6300 euros for resisting law enforcement officers in two cases, an assault and battery.

Why the man went berserk at night a few days before christmas, he could not quite explain to the court. A bottle of vodka, eight beers and two small jagermeisters have certainly played a significant role. In addition, there were problems with the girlfriend, the ex-wife and the not inconsiderable debts that the craftsman had accumulated. "It’s all come together", he said in court. "So I drank to calm down again."

Visit from the emergency doctor

But it didn’t work out that way. The young man was visited by an emergency doctor shortly before midnight after drinking heavily. He took him to the hospital with the help of the police. But there he disappeared again and showed up a little later in front of the apartment where his girlfriend was. "I was shouting, I wanted to talk to her", he said in court. But instead of talking to his girlfriend, he talked a little later to the police who had been called in.

"At first everything was normal", one of the four officers said. When they tried to make it clear to the man that it was useless to be with his girlfriend at night and in this condition, and he was asked to come to the inspection, he "boiled up", as one of the policemen said. He threatened to do something to himself and "other things" to make. It took all four men to get the man into the patrol car. A police officer was kicked in the shin. In the car, the man, who had been handcuffed in the meantime, repeatedly rammed his head against the door of the car. In the end, he went to the jail cell relatively stress-free. When the police officers told him that they also wanted to transfer him to a district hospital because of the implied suicide, the stress started again. The transport was possible only after a sedative injection by the emergency doctor.

Blood woman federal central register

Why all this? The defendant could not really answer this question to the court. The prosecutor and the court agreed that a fine would be sufficient, also in view of the empty federal central register. In the end, he got 140 days at 45 euros each. "I agree", the man said and assured: "that was a one-time stupidity. This will never happen again. I am sure."