Apple introduces iphone 5: darker, faster and rougher

Apple introduces iphone 5: darker, faster and rougher

It also supports the fast data radio LTE. Allowing download speeds of up to 100 megabits per second – 100 times faster than the simplest fixed-line DSL line. The device will also be available in germany on 21. September on the market.

The design of the previous iphone 4S model remains largely unchanged, except that the back is now made of metal instead of glass. The leaked images and videos of the past few weeks thus proved to be real. A surprise, however, was the renewed model series of the player ipod nano. It now looks like a mini iphone that is a good five millimeters thick. Its big brother ipod touch has been upgraded in functionality. There are also new futuristic-looking earpieces that apple has been working on for three years.

At 112 grams, the iphone 5 is one-fifth lighter than the previous model and 18 percent thinner at 7.6 millimeters. The screen now has a diagonal of 4 inches (10.16 cm) and a aspect ratio of 16:9, like a flat-screen TV. With this rough you can still use the iphone comfortably with one hand, said apple marketing chief phil schiller at the presentation in san francisco on wednesday. Since the first iphone generation, the screen diagonal has remained unchanged at 3.5 inches (8.9 cm), while the touchscreens of almost all competing devices have become increasingly coarse.

Prices for the iphone 5 in germany were not initially mentioned. In the USA, the price structure of the iphone 4S is adopted. For this the previous models 4S and 4 will be more favorable. Schiller named deutsche telekom and its subsidiary T-mobile as the LTE partner in germany.

Together with the new iphone, apple is launching the next generation of its mobile operating system. The ios 6 software offers, among other things, improved navigation functions and a deeper integration of the online storage service icloud. Also integrated is the new app passbook, which offers a digital wallet for airline tickets or loyalty cards, for example. Apple is expected to build a mobile payment system on this basis over time. Apple’s facetime video calling service can now be used on mobile networks, not just wifi. And the multimedia software itunes will get cloud capabilities to help users switch between their music and video devices more easily.

The iphone is the most important apple product, which has made the former niche player the most valuable company in the world with cash reserves of almost 120 billion dollars. The iphone 5 is the first new version since the death of legendary apple founder steve jobs last october and was developed largely under the direction of the new chief tim cook.

Apple must win over users with the iphone 5 if it wants to maintain its position. In the past few months, sales of previous models have declined noticeably as customers waited for the next generation. And in the smartphone market there is no shortage of alternatives like samsung’s galaxy S3.

That’s why apple promised improvements in all areas. "We’ve never built a product with such precision and workmanship," design chief jonathan ive said in a video feed.

The renewed camera retains the previous resolution of 8 megapixels, but is said to be better able to cope with poor lighting conditions. This was also promised by nokia last week when it introduced its new top model, the lumia 920. The ability to take panoramic shots is now a basic feature.

The time of the previous wide apple plug for connection to a computer or other devices such as alarm clocks with iphone dock has expired. It will be replaced by a smaller digital connector, but there will be an adapter.

Competition in the smartphone market is becoming increasingly fierce. Market leader is samsung with its variety of computer phones in different price ranges. In the fall, the former industry leader nokia will also attempt a comeback with the new operating system windows phone 8 from microsoft. Other manufacturers, such as motorola and HTC, are also bringing out new models.

Smartphones with the google operating system android account for more than half of the market. According to market researchers, apple recently achieved around 17 percent of the market. With smartphones, it is much more difficult than with simple cell phones to get users to switch between different platforms – if only because they invest money in apps.

The apple share hardly reacted to the announcements with a plus of 0.7 percent – after the many reports of the past weeks there were no big surprises. At 665 dollars, the share price on wednesday was just under 20 dollars below its all-time high on monday.