Zeiler want to continue to exploit wave of success

Kreis habberge – TSV wulflingen had a hard time against the leader of the fubball-kreisklasse schweinfurt 3, vfr hermannsberg-breitbrunn. TSV kirchaich (at FC knetzgau) also hosts a team from the lower half of the table.
TSV prappach is still well in the running for the promotion places. Against the team of his long-time employer, FC augsfeld, coach dieter schlereth hopes for the fifth home win of the season. – the spfr. Steinsfeld want to follow up their win in wulflingen with a good result in their second away game in a row. Host SG traustadt/donnersdorf, however, is in the upper half of the table and will do everything to remain unbeaten at home. – because they don't get much done away from home, the players of TSV wulflingen hope to collect as many points as possible at home. Top-ranked vfr hermannsberg-breitbrunn, on the other hand, wants to defend its position and is aiming for its fifth win out of the competition. – a clear victory is the goal for the SG furnbach/dankenfeld in their home game against SG eltmann II, who are always at the bottom of the league and have the weakest offense in the league. Although the team from steigerwald has only scored six goals in its five games at home so far, it has still managed to score ten. – FC 08 zeil has meanwhile stalked its way to the top and wants to exploit its wave of success as long as possible. The fourth home win seems feasible against the SC lubberg-rudendorf, after all, the guests won only the "basement derby" so far at eltmann II. – while SV fatschenbrunn is having a hard time in front of their home crowd this season, SV ebelsbach is getting nowhere away from home. In the direct encounter, both teams hope that they can eliminate their deficits. – important points in the fight against relegation FC knetzgau wanted to score and got off to a good start against TSV kirchaich. The guests, on the other hand, want to regain the lead in the table as quickly as possible and therefore work hard to get their fifth win out of the competition.

Schweinfurt district 4
One point separates the two table neighbors SV rugheim and RSV buch, who want to collect more important payers in the direct encounter to remain in the upper third of the table. – TV obertheres, still unbeaten in second place in the table, will not be distracted from its climb to the top by SG stadtlauringen/ballingshausen, who are strong at home, and will be looking for their fourth win of the season. – the SG ermershausen/schweinshaupten has forgotten how to win. For weeks they have been running behind their best form and are in last place. The meeting at DJK uchtelhausen, which has only two more players on its books, is enormously important for the SG.