Will there be new open spaces for solar plants in obernbreit?

Will there be new open spaces for solar plants in obernbreit?

Should the municipality release further land for free-space photovoltaics?? A question that was discussed controversially and without result at wednesday night’s council meeting. Mayor bernhard bruckner was skeptical about an approval, but wanted to hear the opinion of the energy efficiency network before making a decision. The network was founded on 15 january 2009. October meeting. This proposal was followed by the municipal councils.

Three applications for the construction of solar plants in the vicinity of the highway were submitted to the committee on wednesday, a total of ten hectares of agricultural land are to be used for direct energy generation by the sun. For this purpose, the land use plan had to be changed and a project-related development plan had to be drawn up, the mayor said.

Decision in principle limits solar flat

However, this is contradicted by a basic resolution of the council from 2009, after the market had made its contribution to the topic of renewable energies with two solar power plants in the opinion of the body, according to the presentation of the administration. Overall, the rate at the time wanted to limit the designation of solar land to 30 hectares, and that has now been achieved. This decision had to be revoked first of all, if an approval of the current applications was to be considered.

Above all, it was matthias walz who spoke out in favor of a flat extension. In his opinion, a number of things have changed since 2009. To achieve the climate goals, everyone is called upon, he said. "If there are investors for such projects, then we should not oppose them", he said. The request, on the other hand, gave matthias weidinger a stomachache. For the mayor, the use of space is the main problem, since it is also good ground. For otmar faber, too, the market has done its homework; he considers an expansion of the flat to be unnecessary, since 140 percent of the local electricity consumption is already generated by renewable energies. In addition, rates raised the fear that if approved, other applications could follow. The decision was postponed.

Sculpture park comes to obernbreit?

The installations of the sculpture path of the cultural symbols around the iphofen herrengraben should be available to other communities after the end of the event, according to the request of the district administration, it was said in the current municipal council meeting. The obernbreiter rate have shown interest in the artworks and would like to have them installed around the proschelswiese and also along a part of the dream circuit. Mayor bernhard bruckner will clarify the modalities and also open questions about insurance.

Free areas within and at the edge of the market, which are suitable for possible development, have been examined by the administration. In part, they can be made usable quite simply by means of a clarification resolution. A clarification statute is to be drafted for this purpose, he said at the meeting. Since some curve radii of the core road network to be built are too narrow, the engineering firm horn is to plan an appropriate alignment. The rules for the use of the town hall will be revised next year by the new town council.