The voice kids: frankin anisa celik is through – here’s how she did it

The voice kids: frankin anisa celik is through - here's how she did it

Tears of joy and relief flowed over anisa celik’s face after her performance on "the voice kids on sunday evening. Two of the four jurors turned around during their appearance in the so-called "blind auditions" and thus ensured that the young singer from kreuzwertheim would advance to the next round of the casting show.

Frankin anisa at the voice kids: the pre-selection was so exciting

With the song "traffic lights by lena meyer-landrut anisa convinced the coaches mark forster and max giesinger of her singing talent and her stage presence. This was the fulfillment of a long-cherished dream for her, because she had wanted to be part of "the voice kids" since she was six years old, that on the television station sat.1 aired, join in.

But first, anisa had to prove himself in the pre-selections in frankfurt and berlin. She finally made it to the show and convinced the coaches mark forster and max giesinger in the first episode of the new season. In addition to the two singers, singer nena and her daughter larissa were also members of the jury. Even though they bobbed along with anisa’s performance, it was not enough for them to turn around to anisa on the chair.

One round further: there flowed the trances

Anisa joins mark forster’s team so anisa was faced with the agony of choice when she ran to the jury after her performance and unceremoniously took a seat on mark forster’s chair. She had to decide: should she join the team of mark forster or max giesinger?? In the end, the woman from kreuzwertheim decided in favor of forster – and immediately received a baseball cap as a gift from him.

Behind the stage, her family was cheering with anisa, and there too, a few tears flowed when it was clear that the ten-year-old had advanced one round. Anisa’s mother and aunt also sing and so she came into contact with singing at a young age. She has also been taking singing lessons since she was six years old. Another contestant from the main-spessart district in this year’s season of "the voice kids is lisa james, the daughter of gerald "jerry" james, sanger of the band "the jets, who also took part in "the voice of germany" last year there was.
By laura-sophie lang