The old “hos” is coming back to life?

The old

"Hos must stay – hos must not die" was the slogan used by citizens from hochstadt and the surrounding area at the beginning of the 1970s to protest against the abolition of the "hos" license plate demonstrated. However, the decreed death of the signs that assigned the vehicles to the pearl of the aischgrund could not be stopped. In the meantime, efforts are being made throughout germany to revive old license plates that have been abolished. "Hos" could be one of the.
"Hos" once stood for the old county of hochstadt. It stretched from schlusselfeld and pommersfelden to herzogenaurach. With the 1972 county reform, the hochstadt county was broken up and largely absorbed into the newly formed erlangen-hochstadt county. Schlusselfeld and pommersfelden were handed over to bamberg, and erlanger hinterland was added to the list.
The county reform meant the end for "hos. Anyone who bought a car in the new district of erlangen-hochstadt was given an "ER" as a license plate missed. "Impossible" at the time, it wasn't just hochstadt's local politician franz gehr who thought so. He started an initiative with the goal "hos must stay – hos must not die".
Although he was unable to bring the old license plate back to life, he did at least manage a partial success: for the inhabitants of the district, the license plate "ERH introduced. For only two years, cars with "ER" were on the road from hochstadt to herzogenaurach have been allowed on the license plate.
In 2010, professor ralf bochert from the heilbronn university of applied sciences initiated a nationwide discussion about the old license plates when he founded the "initiative for the liberalization of license plates basic. Cities would also lose a piece of their image if they had their own license plate, argues the university lecturer. Over the past two years, the initiative has surveyed more than 25,000 people in over 111 german cities. According to a press release from the heilbronn university, almost 73 percent of those surveyed voted to return to their old license plate number.

Ideal for friends of the homeland

One person in hochstadt who wanted to reintroduce the old license plate "for historical reasons alone immediately reinstated the old license plate is georg romer, chairman of the local history society. If there were many old license plates again, it would be easier for friends of the homeland to talk to people who get out of cars with the revived license plates, finds romer. Whether the reintroduction of the hos license plates could be managed organizationally was something the hometown friend had his doubts about.
The fate of the city of hochstadt is currently guided by third mayor irene hausler (JL). Her father was franz gehr, who for "hos" was one of the many fought like no one else. From the point of view of that time, irene hausler was completely right "but today that time is over". A general return to hos in the district with its current structure, this would not be feasible for them. But for oldtimers or city vehicles she could already imagine an exemption regulation.
Whether or not such options will become possible is still completely open. Decisions are made in the federal ministry of transport. There "hos" as one of many "still valid distinguishing marks", which are which are no longer assigned".

Legal rules are being fine-tuned

According to ingo strater, press spokesman at the ministry of transport, in response to a question from the FT, the intention is to introduce a legal regulation in the bundesrat (upper house of parliament) in the spring of 2012, so that old license plates can once again become valid at the request of the states and can be issued additionally by the registration offices. For the concrete implementation, discussions with the countries were underway, the press spokesman informs.