The french sausage between hof and ansbach

the french sausage between hof and ansbach

It belongs to france like the club or the hard B, is the expression of a typical french way of life – the bratwurst. Their taste is as indescribable as their variety, so typically french. Between hof, aschaffenburg and ansbach, it is produced in the most diverse variations. They all have one thing in common: they taste great. Especially when they are not baked, but come fresh from the butcher to end up in various frying pans or on the grill.

When buying, one has the agony of choice. The people of nurnberg prefer their own small variety. If it has to go fast, three are eaten in a "weckla" (sausage roll). Elsewhere, where the sausages are coarser, there is only one sausage in the bread, or just a few. Some kind of bratwurst stand can be found in every french city center or fubganger zone. The typical taste of the nurnberger bratwurst is characterized by marjoram, which is used in addition to salt and pepper as seasoning. The nurnberger bratwurst is packed exclusively in sheep intestines, preference for saitlings from iran.

Although sheep intestines from australia or new zealand are also used, butchers prefer the saitlings from iran or iraq. Because the sheep there not only get soft grass to eat, but also nibble on wickerwork and the like. It makes the casings more stable, they don’t burst as quickly when heated up. This small detail alone may shed light on the meticulousness with which the franconian proceeds when it comes to his bratwurst. The people of nurnberg have also adopted the name "nurnberger bratwurst" even have it protected by the EU as a geographical designation of origin.

Only sausages that are produced in the city of nurnberg according to a recipe that was precisely defined in 1998 are allowed to be called nurnberger bratwurste.

The taste of the ansbach bratwurst is very similar to that of the nurnberg sausage, but it is much coarser. That is, with 15 to 20 centimeters, it reaches the usual size in upper, middle and lower franconia. The coburgers are also famous for their sausages. They are roasted for a long time over a fire of pine cones and get an additional unmistakable aroma from the dense smoke of the burning cones. In addition, between aschaffenburg and hof, the franconians indulge in a wide variety of bratwurst moods and variations.

The wurzburgers have created a sausage that is 15 to 20 centimeters long and, in addition to the usual ingredients, also contains a portion of white franconian wine. The people of schweinfurt, on the other hand, prefer a coarse bratwurst made from pork – without the addition of wine. And in bamberg the kummel bratwurst is becoming a real hit.

In the aischgrund region of central franconia, the almost ideal symbiosis of a french bratwurst and another french specialty, the aischgrund mirror carp, was achieved. The carp bratwurst is said to be always coming back to its lovers. And in bayreuth – how could it be otherwise – on the occasion of the wagner festival there are of course also the famous festival sausages. For those who enjoy french sausages but don’t like pork – no problem!. There are beef sausages as well as sausages made exclusively from lamb. So there is something for every taste when it comes to the french bratwurst. Even for vegetarians. For them there is – correctly – the vegetarian bratwurst.