Tenth anniversary celebration at the bucherpavillon in bad bocklet

Tenth anniversary celebration at the bucherpavillon in bad bocklet

Many guests braved the rainy weather to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the bad bocklet bookstore with him. Creativity was needed in view of the rain clouds that also passed over bad bocklet on saturday morning. With the help of social media as well as traditional aids such as posters, the birthday party was quickly transformed into the "1. Bad bocklet cleaning party, because finally everything was organized together with the backofenverein as well as the liederkranz, whose members were responsible for pizza and zwiebelplootz as well as a cake counter and offered with pavilions and tent the necessary utensils and the guests a weatherproof protection.

Martin eisenmann was very pleased with the turnout "because in the morning i still thought no one would come in weather like this". That’s why he was very pleased about the congratulations from the community, greetings from the green member of parliament manuela rottmann as well as the visit of guests, whom he also knows as loyal fans at the almost 50 events, among others at the "bookshop concerts could bury.

It was precisely with this series that he had repeatedly brought artists into the square of the bucher pavilion over the past decade, and that’s why eisenmann wanted to mark the anniversary with a "homage to what we’ve done before" – and this without entering. In the afternoon, things got underway with the basket theater of ali buttner, who was a guest in bad bocklet for the third time now. The children’s play by enterich fred schnabel was a particular hit with the youngest of the 60 visitors.

The evening was arranged by christoph theussl, the eisenmann at the "songs on a summer evening at kloster banz and who now performed for the second time in bad bocklet. The austrian-born singer presented a two-part program of "songs for all those who are still alive" and started with the realization: "what was’ the cosmos without me? Laughable!" A bit morbid, a bit sarcastic, a bit moralizing, mostly thoughtful and occasionally upbeat – with this varied program christoph theussl enthused the audience, who enjoyed the beautiful "concert atmosphere in a building with concentrated energy of culture" praised.

His pieces are rather everyday stories with a high recognition value, which he presents with virtuoso guitar playing, with relaxed moderation and with intensive facial expressions. The depressive mood of the viennese is outlined in a humorous way, the musical form "moritat" is introduced into the world of togetherness used as a song with a moral claim for macabre anecdotes or the health fanaticism with the ballad "gesund g’storben, perfekt verreckt" ("died healthy, died perfect") taken for a ride. Time and again, theussl emerges with "relationship songs enters the world of togetherness – as in the piece "so little in common" with a shot of self-awareness or at "paradise two, a ballad-like piece about moving in together with homeowner’s insurance. In the second part he borrowed music from the group "modern talking" or "wet wet wet" – accompanied by austrian schmah, which he also used for the mischievous listing of german character traits.

Beside bizarre pieces to the "leich im kofferraum" (light in the trunk) or the "best schnitzel sandwich in the world in view of his own daughter, children’s songs such as "the sperm whale and the nightingale" were allowed among the 35 guests or "the moritat of the bee state" before he will end with a "positive finale" and the monty python number "always look on the bright side of life" honored by the hearty applause of the guests.