Sportsman without fault

sportsman without fault

Gunther seitz from marktsteft died suddenly and unexpectedly last sunday. Thus the city lost a great personality and a long-time city councilor.

The just 65 year old tax advisor sab since 1984 until his death for the fraction of the free voters at the city council table and shaped in these 34 years the development of the city with.

Gunther seitz supported the gymnastics club and the guardianship club for decades with his expertise and was a sportsman without fault. The talented handball player was a B-national field handball player in his younger years. In the 1980s he received an offer from the national league team TV grobwallstadt as a backroom protector.

Gunther seitz was a club man through and through, who served his TV marktsteft for decades. He not only did the annual balance sheet and the tax declaration for the association free of charge, but also held honorary positions in the management of the association for more than 25 years and shaped the association during the 18 years in which he was at the helm as chairman.

In his era, the marktstefter were the number one team in the kitzingen handball district in the state league. Seitz was not too shy for any work and jumped into the breach even as chairman on the trainer position.

The gymnastics club appointed him honorary chairman for his outstanding services in 2011.

After handball he discovered golf as a new hobby and joined the golf club schloss mainsondheim in 1990. In the history of the club, there was no one who could celebrate more gross victories in tournaments than the man from marktstetten, who had the swing of the golf club.

Gunther seitz was a freelancer and opened his tax office in 1978. Over the years, he continued to expand his law firm. In 2006, the tax office moved into a new domicile in marktbreiter strabe with 14 employees today. His son ulrich seitz, who has also been a tax advisor since 2015, also works in the firm as a junior partner.

Gunther seitz was a widower after the early death of his wife rosemarie in 2013. He leaves behind a son with family and two grandchildren.

The burial of the urn will take place on friday, 29th. September, at 2 p.M. In the marktsteft cemetery.