Ruling: diesel driving bans generally permissible in cities

ruling: diesel driving bans generally permissible in cities

The federal administrative court in leipzig announced its ruling on tuesday: diesel driving bans are generally permissible in cities under current law. The defendant cities of dusseldorf and stuttgart, however, had to check their air pollution control plans for sustainability.

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On tuesday morning, there was a discussion about whether there should be driving bans for diesel cars in the future. Addressed the question of whether cities could import each of these under current law to meet pollution limits without first establishing a nationwide, uniform regulation. Over the years, the reputation of diesel cars has suffered due to their high exhaust emissions.

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especially since the scandal, when it came out that much more exhaust gases are emitted than previously known. How the issue will be dealt with in the future has now been regulated.

Federal administrative court in leipzig hands down ruling

Meanwhile, 37 german cities have already exceeded their limit values for exhaust emissions from cars, which shows that a new solution to the problem is urgently needed. Now the federal administrative court in leipzig has given its verdict.

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