Proud of the beautiful gem

Proud of the beautiful gem

This could not go unchallenged by local councillor torsten buchner: when mayor gotthard schlereth looked in the direction of the young burghers during his presentation, because there was not a single birth in the town last year, the local councillor said: "the construction of the michaels chapel has finished us off." No time for love, he added "but we’ll make up for it". A good opportunity for the mayor to thank the people of frankenbrunn for their extraordinary commitment, who have put a lot of ideas and heart and soul into making the baroque chapel on the hallstatt hill a jewel of the village on the occasion of its 300th anniversary.

All options are examined

The fact that the hall and the adjoining room in the "grunen baum but when the guesthouse is closed at the end of the year, we will no longer have a coarser meeting room", otto granich opens the discussion. The mayor confirms that the council is aware of the problem and is dealing with it: "we want a solution that is sustainable, so we sit down with the representatives of the clubs and review all options." The fire station, the old school, the empty inn in the center of the village, all will be considered, said schlereth. Local representative torsten buchner, who is also fire chief, cannot justify in the long run that the hall is used as a meeting room and the fire truck is parked on the street.

In the report, mayor schlereth had presented the situation of the municipality. At 411 euros per capita, debt is well below the national average. Rough mabnahme is the construction of kindergarten and kita, which will be built in thulba, but will also accommodate the children of frankenbrunn. In frankenbrunn, the high school was renovated for 330,000 euros and a total of 25,000 euros was spent on the youth.

471 inhabitants live in the village. Of the 20 vacant building sites in the village, twelve are in private hands. Schlereth pointed out that the state is taking steps to counteract land speculation. Complaints were made in the discussion about speeding, dog poop on the sidewalk, poor road conditions, wild mulch disposal and trucks parking on side streets.

If dorforiginale uber verschwundene wege zum waldgrundstuck, die es "doch seit hundert jahren gegeben" have been allowed to swagger, then you feel that the world is still in order here, but the chairman of the meeting also that it is now time to close the meeting.

Schlereth announced that, as a farewell tour, he would once again hold a town hall meeting in all parts of the town and received applause for this, but also the statement from the meeting: "you don’t have to vote for anything anymore."