Poll: spd chancellor candidate schulz loses approval rating

poll: spd chancellor candidate schulz loses approval rating

A few days before the TV duel, a poll shows a drop in approval ratings for SPD chancellor candidate martin schulz.

According to new figures from the ZDF "politbarometer", only 28 percent of respondents would currently vote for the long-serving EU politician if the chancellor could be elected directly. This corresponds to a minus of six percentage points compared to the survey of the previous week. Chancellor angela merkel (CDU), on the other hand, was able to increase her approval ratings slightly, with 57 percent.

In the sunday poll, the union’s lead remains rough. 39 percent voted for the union when the federal elections were already scheduled for the weekend. The SPD, on the other hand, could only count on 22 percent. Both ratings remained constant compared to last week. FDP improved slightly to 10 percent. The afd lost one point and now stands at 8 percent, as do the greens. Left-wing party comes in at 9 percent. The representative survey published on friday is based on figures from the research group wahlen.

In a "deutschlandtrend" poll published by ARD on thursday, the union came in at 37 percent in the sunday poll, the SPD at 23 percent. The afd was at 11 percent, the left at 9 percent, and the FDP and grune were each at 8 percent.

SPD faction leader thomas oppermann hopes the tv duel will boost his party’s popularity. "We’re concentrating on catching up, and sunday’s duel will play a major role in that," oppermann told ZDF’s "morgenmagazin". He believes that sunday is the day of decision for many people. As things stand, 40 percent of people are undecided about who they will vote for in the federal election on 24 december. September want to vote. "We will win the election together, that’s clear."

In the TV battle with angela merkel, schulz has the chance to win a majority on his side. "We will get a change in the polls on sunday," oppermann predicted. Schulz will not lose the duel.