Not only bookers around the clock

Not only bookers around the clock

New director sheena weidt has plenty of ideas for kitzingen’s municipal library. Since march she is the successor of ellen rabler , who retired after 37 years in the bookshop. Weidt wants to expand the range of products for young people in order to get them interested in the world of books again. Your first assessment of your new job: "the team is super motivated and it’s a lot of fun. Everyone is very open to my ideas."

Books alone are not enough

Because: "you can’t lure children into the bookstore with books alone anymore," says the 34-year-old. You have to adapt to the media world. That’s why you can borrow games for the new nintendo switch console from the public library. Nintendo DS games have been available there for several years now. Besides, such offers can also arouse interest in books."Because once the kids are here, they’ll take a book or two with them," says weidt.

Horspiel-tonies as of august

The new director has also come up with something for the youngest visitors. Since the beginning of august, the city library offers tonies. The boxes reflect horspiele, but still offer a little extra for the eye. If you want to listen to a benjamin blumchen episode, you can connect a small figure of the elephant to the tonie via bluetooth. On this figure is stored the hor game.

Stimulate the imagination

"Such games are naturally well received by children, even if the stories are still the same," says weidt. The 34-year-old thinks that hor games are important because they challenge children’s concentration. "Besides that, hor games stimulate the imagination, because you develop your own pictures in your head," says weidt. The characters with the different stories can be borrowed from the bookstore, but children need their own tonie box to play them.

Digital brockhaus for reference

The digital brockhaus is useful for schoolchildren. The online encyclopedia can also be accessed from home via an app to prepare lectures or presentations. "It’s important to us that schoolchildren know the difference between reliable sources like the brockhaus and sometimes dubious internet sources," says weidt. Even if information is available quickly and free of charge, it is not always easy to find reliable sources.

Rough selection of e-books

Bookstores have long since ceased to mean only printed books – e-books are standard. A little more than half of the 67,000 or so items in the municipal library are now electronic. The franken-onleihe has a rough selection of them. The service has been available through the bookstore since 2012, but weidt says many bookstore users didn’t know about it yet. "You can borrow e-books, videos, newspapers and audio books around the clock," says weidt.

An alliance with 21 other franconian bookstores creates a rough selection. In addition, starting in july, a consultation session is planned for the last thursday of each month, during which the library staff will explain what is on offer. Readers can bring their e-book readers to the event. "It’s certainly the future of libraries that you can borrow books from anywhere," says weidt.

Four reading tips from the library staff for the summer

"The watchman" by peter terrin: two watchmen are on duty in a luxury apartment block when something inexplicably bad happens outside. Without any contact with the outside world, they slowly get caught in a spiral of madness and violence. A chamber play in literary form between science fiction and tragicomedy.

"Arthur and the colors of life" by jean-gabriele causse: in a kind of absurd tale, the author tells of our world, in which all colors are suddenly disappearing. Arthur and his rough love go on an adventurous hunt for the colors. Wit and lightness make this charming and very french payment.

"Spiegelherz" by janine wilk: anna discovers in her new home at the foot of blocksberg that she possesses witchcraft powers. Together with the arrogant david she has to fight against an evil power, which she has to face in the all-decisive walpurgis night. A romantic mystery novel for young people aged twelve and up.

"Danger express" by kenneth oppel: young will embarks on a maiden voyage with his father, the builder of the transcanadian railroad, on what is probably the roughest and longest train of all time. There he witnesses a murder. To survive, he joins maren and her circus. A fantastic adventure for ages twelve and up.