“In der reuth”: city responds to concerns

Bernhard panzer the numerous listeners at the meeting of the planning committee on tuesday evening were not only interested in the planned residential area in gleiwitzer strabe (see adjacent report), but also in another topic. Because not far from the gleiwitzer strabe lies the specialized clinic, and there "in the reuth" another, much coarser residential area is envisaged.

800 to 850 people should be able to live in the new city quarter in the future, declared mayor german hacker (SPD) and corrected thereby first numbers downwards. Socially favorable housing is to be created, with coarse housing and two parking garages – something "fundamentally new" so far for a herzogenaurach development plan, as stated in the meeting kurt zollhofer of the CSU.

Access only from one side

The committee and the citizens were informed that there had been a slight deviation from the original urban development concept. The concerns of the residents have been taken into account, explained the mayor and the head of the planning office, anja wettstein. According to this, more distance will be kept from the adjacent residential development to the east, and only semi-detached houses will be planned there instead of large structures. And the access to both parking garages should be uniformly from the side of the clinic. That spare the residents in the lessingstrabe.

CSU faction leader bernhard schwab buried it that it was "a little bit more contractual" had become, inquired however also after the kind and coarseness of the dwellings in the massive "bars". Nothing can be said about this at this early stage, wettstein stated. The current changes are only the basis for the draft of the development plan and further expert opinions. So there will be many more debates to come.