Hsc strengthens itself with serbian national player

Hsc strengthens itself with serbian national player

HSC 2000 coburg leaves no stone unturned to survive in the bundesliga. Despite the difficult situation surrounding the corona pandemic, the coburg team managed to sign 25-year-old left wing milos grozdanic as a new strength member.

This was made possible thanks to the additional commitment of several sponsors, shareholders and members of the supervisory board.

"Not self-explanatory"

"The fact that we were able to sign up milos despite the tense overall situation once again shows the cohesion that has developed here between the club, sponsors and supervisory board. We have jointly set the goal to support our team once again in terms of personnel in the current situation", is pleased managing director jan gorr.

This sign is not self-evident – the coburg team is all the more pleased that it has worked out with the reinforcement. "Milos is a young and hungry player who really wanted to play in the german bundesliga and with this change he wants to make the next step in his career. We want to make the integration as easy as possible for him and are looking forward to the first games with him", says gorr.

It was important that grozdanic had a contract until the 30th. Signed on june 2022. "We have always said that we want to think in the long term and do not make any quick decisions. Milos will be good for our development and together with our other players on the left wing will provide greater variability", explains the manager.

Milos grozdanic is 25 years old but has already gained international experience. Coach alois mraz sees his strengths in his variable finishing and counterattacking – attributes that the coburg team will need in the fight against relegation. "Milos

Has played with his 25 years already against rough teams and showed good performances. He has very good throwing skills and I hope that he can help our team with his experience", says mraz.

Grozdanic was serbian champion and 2019 goal scoring king in the strong seha league. In addition, he pays to the squad of the serbian national team and is there teammate of HSC backcourt player drasko nenadic.

Milos grozdanic classifies his transfer to HSC coburg as follows: "the transfer to coburg is for me the next logical step in my career. I want to prove myself in the german bundesliga and do my part to help the team stay in the first division. I have been in coburg for a few days and I really like the way people live handball here. Most of all I am looking forward to my first game with my new club!"

Already against the foxes there?

Whether grozdanic will be able to play his first game in the HSC jersey on sunday against fuchse berlin will be decided on friday evening in close coordination with the HBL and the EHF.