Hsc 2000 coburg: lucky win in the last second

Hsc 2000 coburg: lucky win in the last second

Constance was the "tough nut to crack" that HSC coach jan gorr had expected in advance – a really tough nut to crack. The HSC 2000 coburg was actually already beaten, had 52 minutes long the teeth out. But in the final phase, the 2251 spectators still got their money's worth, because the hosts turned the game with a lot of dusel.

HSC goalkeeper oliver krechel saved two penalties at 20:23 after 54 minutes and later at 21:23 (57 minutes).). In between ronny gohl used a rebound after a shot by philipp barsties and scored the 22:23 (55).) ice cold sharp short high into the angle. This goal, his 1000. The second field goal for the HSC was to be a very important one. When johan andersson scored a penalty two minutes before the final whistle to make it 23:23, the hall was turned upside down.

But constance countered once again to make it 23:24. At this point, co-coach anton lakisa rummaged for the overalls for jiri vitek as the seventh field player – with 70 seconds left to play. Exactly in the moment, when he printed it into the hand of the czech steffen cobbau scored the new equalizer.

What followed was a timeout. The scoreboard showed 59:17 minutes before oliver krechel finally scored 20 seconds before the final whistle on a throw from mathias riedel. In return, sebastian roth, who had been weak up to that point, took the final shot. The ball was deflected by the defense block and out of the reach of the constance goalkeeper one second before the siren to a more than happy 25:24 victory in the goal.

Roth afterwards: "of course it was a great feeling, especially after the chase. It was frustration reduction for my weak second half, this throw just had to go in."

HSC 2000 coburg vs. HSG konstanz 25:24 (15:15)
Both teams had nothing good to report before the match. HSG konstanz had to do without backcourt player matthias feibt, who had scored eight times last week. He had to miss the game because of a shoulder injury, just like tomas riha and hajck karapetjan on the coburg side. Under the eyes of the ex-hscler and now with the league competitor active jan kastner and the audience favorite of the last series, stefan linsmeier, who felt visibly well in the coburg arena on the rods ("here I like it simply") caught the team of jan gorr no good start. The very first attack action caused a lot of discussion when a check against sebastian kirchner went unpunished and the guests were able to take the 2:0 lead.

It took more than four minutes for the HSC fans to wait for the first goal from coburg. The most conspicuous players up to this point were the two left backs philipp barsties of the HSC and matthias riedel of the gasten, who at the 1:3 beat his circle runner sebastian groh with a "no-look" worth seeing-pass served.

So it took until the 4:4 (9.) before gorr's team came to the equalizer, significantly with a quickly presented attack. The coburg team had a hard time against the formed defense. Ronny gohl gave his team the lead for the first time after 13 minutes with a counter-attack double (6:5). On the sidelines, meanwhile, gorr showed a lot of presence, repeatedly fetched players for new instructions.

This fell on fertile ground, also because the quite hard gangart of the guests was now punished by the impartial more consistently. Much to the chagrin of HSG coach daniel eblen, who had naturally seen things differently.

The HSC took advantage of the overnumber situations to lead 11:7 (20 minutes).). But in defense they still had problems with stefan bruderhofer and mathias riedel, who made a big fuss on the left side of the attack. When a throw from ronny gohl bounced back from the inside post, bounced from post to post on the other side and then into the goal, konstanz had come back to within one goal (12:11, 24.).

What was striking about the guests were the really often very accurate throws, which allowed the HSC goalkeepers to score up to the 20. Minute oliver krechel, then havard martinsen, from 45. Minute again krechel, made very difficult.

The very efficient constance team managed to go into the break with a draw thanks to their continued strong defensive work coupled with consistent attacking play.

Gorr, who had made very few changes before the break and only used eight field players, then brought on johan andersson and steffen cobbau, who briefly took away konstanz's pivot mathias riedel at the half-back position, a mabnahme that seemed overdue.

But this did not bring success, on the contrary, at 16:17 (35.) the guests were in front again for the first time. Some fans were dissatisfied: "this is such a gurke, I also do not know, since the gorr may come up with something", a fan gave vent to his displeasure.

After 41 minutes (18:18) only two saved balls could be noted for the HSC – this has never happened before. But the constance team also had the patience to play out their attacks, often with a risk of time play (19:20, 46.). After 47 minutes, jan gorr tucked in his time-out card, then called his team together a short time later.

Only four goals after the break were scored by the HSC at this point after 48 minutes – score 19:21. Tens of times in this second round balls were "verdaddelt". Hardly anyone dared to throw, eight minutes before the end coburg was even trailing 19:23. The rest of the game, in which the guests scored only once, is the first rough success story of the HSC in the still young season. Coburg had found the "nutcracker" just in time found.

The statistics

HSC 2000 coburg against HSG constance 25:24 (15:15)
HSC coburg: havard martinsen, oliver krechel – lukas lutz, philipp barsties (2), ronny gohl (8/2), johan andersson (2/1), nicola franke, dominic kelm (4), sebastian kirchner (2), jiri vitek, steffen cobbau (2), maximilian drude, till riehn (1), sebastian roth (4). Time penalties: 3.
Seven-meter penalty: 4/3.

HSG konstanz: patrick glatt, max folchert – kai mittendorf, sebastian groh (5), simon oesterle (1), marc hafner (1), paul kaletsch, fabian schlaich, felix kruger, yannick schatz (7/4), simon gebler (1), stefan bruderhofer (2) mathias riedel (7). Time penalties: 3.
Seven-meter: 6/4.

Ref: tobias frobe (dessau) / marcus pesth (kothen).