Four cars are demolished

Considerable property damage was caused in an accident in konigsberg on sunday night. The 34-year-old who caused the accident was heavily intoxicated, according to the report of the police inspection in habfurt.
On sunday at 4.10 a.M. The 34-year-old drove his opel along alleestrabe in the direction of habfurter strabe. Due to his excessive alcohol intake, he drove his vehicle to the left onto the oncoming lane and rammed a car parked at the side of the road. Due to the force of the impact, the car that was hit was pushed onto two other cars parked next to it, which were also damaged.
A man standing nearby, who was alerted to the accident by the noise, immediately went to the scene of the accident. He used his cell phone to contact the police.

2.16 per mille

In the course of the accident investigation, a breath alcohol test was carried out at the scene of the accident, which revealed a value of 2.16 per mille for the 34-year-old. The driver had to take a blood test. His driver’s license and vehicle were seized. Police took 34-year-old man into custody; he was searched out in cell at habfurt police station. The accident caused total property damage of around 8000 euros.