Fbi vice president mccabe resigns after continued trump pressure

fbi vice president mccabe resigns after continued trump pressure

Fbi vice chief andrew mccabe, who has long been in the line of fire from u.S. President donald trump, throws in the towel. He resigned on monday with immediate effect.

The move had long been the subject of speculation. His abrupt departure came nevertheless uberberraschend.

The weibe haus did not want to get closer to the development at first. It was not involved in the decision, spokeswoman sarah sanders explained. Trump, however, stands by earlier mistakes he made.

The president and a number of republicans had repeatedly attacked mccabe in recent months, accusing him of bias against them. The 49-year-old had been deputy director of the federal police since early 2016 and served under james mccomey, whom trump fired last may. The background to this was the FBI investigation into possible collaboration between the trump campaign camp and russia to influence the 2016 election.

Mccabe was heavily involved in these examinations. He also had oversight of the investigation into the e-mail affair involving trump’s opponent in the presidential campaign, hillary clinton. But the investigation did not lead to any prosecutions, much to trump’s chagrin. The president also took exception to the fact that mccabe’s wife had recently run for a democratic seat in the virginia state senate and had been financially supported in the campaign by the political organization of a clinton friend.

President trump and attorney general jeff sessions are said to have massively increased pressure on fbi chief christopher wray in recent weeks to make shakeups at the top executive level. Comey-era officials should be replaced with new people. According to media reports last week, this went so far that wray threatened to resign.