Calcium suppliers: with these foods you strengthen your bones

calcium suppliers: with these foods you strengthen your bones

Calcium deficiency should not be underestimated. Because a deficiency can cause osteoporosis (bone loss). This disease leads to increased bone cracks or fractures. If a diet rich in calcium is followed, this can strengthen the bones. "1000 milligrams of calcium should be consumed per day", recommends the german society for nutrition (DGE).

Those who want to prevent bone fractures through calcium should also pay attention to their vitamin D balance. Because it is the combination of the two that makes healthy bones. Vitamin D supports calcium so that it can be absorbed from the intestine and built up in the bones.

Why the combination of calcium and vitamin D is crucial

Vitamin D is absorbed mainly from the sun through the skin and only a little through food. But with older people in particular, even that is less possible. "Vitamin D3 tablets are suitable here" , reports the osteology association.

Good sources of calcium include dairy products such as milk, cheese, etc. If you are lactose intolerant, you can also choose calcium-containing water. If the mineral water contains at least 150 milligrams of calcium per liter, it can be labeled "calcium-containing" carry.

But some types of vegetables, such as spinach, kale and broccoli, are also rich in calcium. Please note that you should not boil the vegetables but steam or steam them. When boiling, the calcium was deposited in the boiling water. Besides, the calcium reservoir can also be filled up with hulse fruits and nuts.

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