Home infiltration, greed, robbery-murder

Home infiltration, greed, robbery-murder

"It was murder – a classic robbery-murder!" For senior public prosecutor martin dippold, that’s for sure. Wolfgang R. Be heimtuckisch and from greed in the night to the 12. December 2013 brutally killed. At least eleven kicks to the head and two to the neck caused him to choke on his own blood in a very short time.
The four defendants listened motionlessly to the prosecutor’s statements in the coarse courtroom of the regional court. Even when he demanded a much higher sentence, they showed no emotion: life imprisonment for the two main defendants peter G. And paul K. And the recognition of a special gravity of guilt and 13.5 years for the clients maria and helmut S..

Massive use of violence

120 witness statements, 13 expert hearings and 31 trial days in the second trial alone main trial brought many details to light. Vague assumptions became facts, obscure allegations could be refuted. For example, by means of a 3D scan of the left facial neck of wolfgang R. A skin discoloration in the form of an "N" the sneaker of the brand new balance could be identified. In addition, the sneaker of paul K., brand new balance, DNA traces of wolfgang R. Secured. "There must have been a massive kicking", dippold stated. Because the shoes had been put into the washing machine immediately after the act.
It is clear that all four defendants were living in difficult financial circumstances. They were on the money of wolfgang R. Instructed.

Relying on money

The former musician at the landestheater had been killed in maria S. In love and wanted to get her out of the prostitute milieu. That’s why he bought her the bar "clou" in the ketschengasse and supported her monthly with 1000 euro.
He could afford to do so because he ran a brothel with several rooms in kanonenweg. When there, however, the business was not going so well and maria S. Himself from wolfgang R. When he wanted to separate, he turned off the money tap.
Maria and helmut S. Wanted to give the 66-year-old a beating, so that maria S. – as it was regulated in the lease agreement – could take over the business in kanonenweg. Arms and legs were to be broken for him. And because they knew that the regular and the "bad seven"-member peter G. "Had the necessary techniques", he was asked to do it. His friend paul K. Wanted to help him.
It should all look like a robbery case, therefore they chose a wednesday as the day of the crime. Because it was payday at the brothel. Paul K. And peter G. Is therefore accused of murder in combination with robbery. "Even though the two entered the house with an intent to do bodily harm, it morphed into a clear intent to kill", dippold said. The perpetrators of such massive kicks and punches had to expect that the victim would die. While wolfgang R. With his life wrestled, the manner stole the day’s takings from the purse.
At maria S. And helmut S. The senior public prosecutor considered the incitement to robbery with death as proven. Their actions were close to murder. Both could have expected that wolfgang R. He did not survive the robbery. They had recklessly accepted his death.

Provocative sentence as a start

In fact, dippold sees the decisive push to action in the provocative statement by helmuth S.If you don’t have any balls, I’ll just call the hells angels." Paul K. And peter G were, according to their own statements, sick in their honor and decided to do the deed.
The representative of the plaintiff’s side, attorney elke zipperer, essentially agreed with the prosecution’s presentation, but demanded a life sentence for all four defendants for joint murder in a particularly serious case.